A Tobacco Sample Pack (7.5ml)

A Tobacco Sample Pack

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Flavor/Aroma Mixed
Color Mixed
Country Of Origin USA
Solubility Soluble in water
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About this product
A Tobacco Sample Pack (7.5ml)

Limited Complete Tobacco Line Sample Pack (7.5mL each)

1.            American USA Blend Tobacco

2.            Ankara Tobacco

3.            Blu-bacco

4.            Butterscotch Tobacco

5.            Cherry Balsam Tobacco

6.            Chocolate Tobacco

7.            Coumarin Tobacco

8.            Flavor West Branded Tobacco-555

9.            Flavor West Branded Tobacco-Cool, Texas

10.          Flavor West Branded Tobacco-Desert Llama

11.          Flavor West Branded Tobacco-East Coast Tobacco

12.          Flavor West Branded Tobacco-Lucky Hit

13.          Flavor West Branded Tobacco-Master Base

14.          Flavor West Branded Tobacco-Newport Beach

15.          Flavor West Branded Tobacco-Re(4)nu

16.          Flavor West Branded Tobacco-Salem, Oregon

17.          Flavor West Branded Tobacco-Seven

18.          Flavor West Branded Tobacco-The Red Cowboy

19.          Flavor West Branded Tobacco-Twisted

20.          Havana Tobacco

21.          Honey Wood Tobacco

22.          Latakia Tobacco

23.          Maple Rum Tobacco

24.          Oriental Tobacco

25.          Peach Tobacco

26.          Rose Tobacco

27.          Rum Tobacco

28.          Stag Leaf Tobacco

29.          Sunrise Menthol Tobacco

30.          Sunrise Tobacco

31.          Tobacco Flavor

32.          Tidewater Tobacco

33.          Vanilla Tobacco

34.          Virginia Fire Cured Tobacco

More Information
Part Number FW-TSAMPLE
Flavor/Aroma Mixed
Color Mixed
Storage Instructions Store in a cool (68° - 77° F) dry place out of direct sunlight.
Country Of Origin USA
Density at 77F Mixed
Solubility Soluble in water
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