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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the difference between N&A Flavoring and All-Natural Flavoring?

    The Difference between artificial/natural (N&A) and All-Natural is just that. The N&A contains artificial/natural flavoring. The natural flavoring is all natural with NO artificial ingredients. The two flavors will have a different taste. Please note that some All-Natural flavors can contain some natural occurring sugars.

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  2. Does Flavor West ship internationally?

    We sure do. Please make sure before you place your order that you check with your local laws when importing our concentrated flavoring into your country. Flavor West will not be held responsible for packages that are blocked or seized by customs

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Latest Questions

  1. My natural flavoring looks different in color this time, Why?

    Natural citrus flavorings will vary from batch to batch because of the natural aspect of the flavoring, the season of the crop and the raw material that is sourced at the time of manufacture. Flavor West does not use any dyes/colorings so we cannot control this.

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  2. What if I forgot to add something to the order that I just placed?

    You would need to place a new order and at the shipping option you would need to click “Combine New Order with Pending Order”. There is a small charge for this.

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  3. What shipping methods do you offer?

    During the checkout process you will have the choice of USPS and FedEx. Sorry Flavor West does not offer free shipping at this time.

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  4. Do you have minimums for ordering?

    Flavor West does not have minimums per order.

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  5. Do you accept PayPal, Google Wallet, Cryptocurrency, or some other weird payment system that I like?

    No, we only use our own payment system. We accept all four regular credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover. Coming soon we will also be accepting bank wire.

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  6. Is it safe to enter my credit card number into your website?

    Yes. Flavor West does not store any of your credit card information (that’s handled by our SSL secured payment processor) and we will never share your personal information with anyone else.

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  7. I do not like the taste of my flavor. Can I return it?

    Flavoring is subject to each individual customer taste profile. If you are going to order something you may not already know please purchase a small 4oz tester bottle first. Flavor West will not accept returns on our products. Our flavorings are considered food items and due to health codes, we cannot accept returns.

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  8. My flavors smell like nail polish remover.

    These are highly concentrate flavorings not fragrances. When mixed correctly to the specifications of your product the flavors will taste spot on perfect.

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